Low Brass Lessons

If you are serious about learning the trombone, I would 100% recommend Gabe to you as a private lesson teacher.
— Noah K., student

I have been teaching low brass lessons since 2005, and it is truly a passion of mine.  Scratch that - I have been teaching music since 2005.  My teaching philosophy is based in musicality, not just learning notes and rhythms.  With a musical approach, you are able to focus on what the music and lines are saying and how you want to express them.  Within this thought process easily fits all the technical aspects such as tone/sound, articulation, intonation, and theory.

My low brass studio has dedicated, hard working, and creative middle school and high school students from the Rockwood, Parkway, Lindbergh, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Northwest, and Francis Howell school districts.  My students have been members of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, Missouri All State concert band, Missouri All State orchestra, St. Louis Suburban and Metro 8 district honor concert and jazz bands, and the SIUE Bi-State honor band, and have received "1" ratings at district and state solo and ensemble festivals. 

Gabe makes learning fun while still challenging her students. She is a very good teacher and a knowledgeable brass player.
— Denise U., parent

In addition to lessons, students can attend and participate in our monthly Studio Class.  Studio classes are free and give students an opportunity to perform for their peers and play together in a low brass ensemble.  Students are encouraged to play solos, etudes, or audition pieces they have been working on in order to practice performing for others.  At the end of each studio class, we play together as a combined low brass ensemble and work on music written or arranged specifically for low brass groups.  On occasion we have guest artists come in to do a masterclass during the studio class, which is always a special treat!

+Beginner students
The primary focus for beginning students is making a good sound.  Students will work on air flow and ear training (yes, ALL of my students will sing in lessons!) and develop good playing and practicing habits.  Students will develop technical, musical, and sight reading skills through daily fundamentals/warm-ups, etudes, and duets.

+Intermediate students
Students will continue to build and develop skills learned as beginning students.  Making a good sound is still the primary focus!  Students will delve deeper into musicality and will begin to make their own educated choices in phrasing, style, etc.  Music theory is introduced into lessons - including major scales (both sung in solfege and played on the instrument), interval identification, basic arpeggios and chord progressions - and applied to their etudes and solos.  Intermediate students are encouraged to participate in Solo & Ensemble Festival and St. Louis All Suburban Band auditions.  Trombone students are also encouraged to explore jazz if interested.

+Advanced students
As students progress through high school, lessons are tailored to address specific needs for each individual student.  Students expand their range, technical skills, and musicality through daily exercises and progressive etudes and solos.  Music theory knowledge is expanded to include all major and minor scales and arpeggios, ear training and dictation, and more advanced chord progressions.  Most students participate in Solo & Ensemble Festival and audition for St. Louis All Suburban and Missouri All State bands.  Audition prep may be worked on for those students auditioning for local ensembles, summer music festivals, competitions, or college auditions.

Low Brass Studio Policies - Click Here

For more information about me, my teaching style, or to schedule your first lesson, give me a call at 314-276-0966 or email me at gabe.mueller@gmail.com.  I'd love to chat with you!