Kind words about Gabe

From Parents...

Gabe Mueller is an amazing instructor. My son, who is very introverted, is quick to communicate with Gabe due to her teaching style. Gabe always has a positive attitude and allows her students to self-evaluate, which creates a positive bond between herself and her students. My son would have quit music if not for her enthusiasm, positive influence, and caring manner. I would highly recommend Gabe to any parent who is looking to further their student’s musical abilities.
— Norma S., parent
My son Noah has become progressively more dedicated to learning to play the trombone. I think he sees what value there is to playing well, and Gabe has helped him on his quest. I sat in on nearly a year’s worth of lessons. I am a musician, and have knowledge as to what is good or bad. Gabe is good. Not only has she inspired Noah, she has exposed him to many outside the lesson opportunities, all of which were valuable and interesting to Noah. Gabe is a motivated, innovative, top notch music educator.
— Michael K., parent
Gabe is an excellent and very knowledgeable brass teacher! My son looks forward to his weekly trombone lessons with her. Gabe is encouraging and supportive. Over the last three years she has helped my son with all aspects of the trombone. His middle school band teacher told me that my son has mastered playing the exact sound a trombone should make; I attribute his success to the outstanding teaching skills Gabe has provided.

I highly recommend Gabe!!
— Denise U., parent
Rachel really looks forward to her private trombone lessons with Gabe each week. She is learning a lot from Gabe. Rachel is so much more confident when she plays the trombone music. She really takes her time and will play the notes with details. She has really improved with her breathing, too. Gabe is always punctual with her timing of her lessons. She is friendly and keeps the parents up to date. Lessons with Gabe are teaching Rachel the details of what goes into a band performance. The hard work, dedication and lots of practice.
— Kelly B., parent

From Students...

Over the past 2 years with Gabe, I have improved more than I did in all 4 years in school. I have gained an understanding for music and the trombone. Gabe not only teaches you how to play, but to how to listen. Her unique teaching methods are clear but not easy. You have to put in the work to understand and learn, and in the end it is well worth it. I now listen and understand what I am playing. Before Gabe, the most important thing to me, instrument wise, was my lips onto the mouthpiece. But learning the two key things in a brass instrument, Air and Ear, I now play and listen better. Listening was never an idea that passed my mind when trying to play, but now I tune as I play, listen to those around me when I play, and myself when I play. All of these are helping me to become a better musician.

If you are serious about learning the trombone, I would 100% recommend Gabe to you as a private lesson teacher.
— Noah K., student
Just a note of thanks for your tips on trombone playing. You have been very helpful in correcting the bad habits I developed so that my sound is improving as is my sight reading. Wish I had had the benefit of your teaching early on. You were always willing to work on whatever I requested as well as offering ways to improve my technique.
— Bill K., student
I’m a better and more committed player than I was before. I’m more confident when I play and I use a lot more air than I ever thought I could. I’ve also learned what it’s like to be in a quartet and learning the chords, blending, and overall sound as a group.
— Rachel B., student
Playing my instrument has been easier, my sound is better, and the work required to make a good sound has been made easier. Gabe uses many references that are easy to understand and she is phenomenal at describing how to make sounds.
— John E., student

From Colleagues...

Gabe Mueller has become a wonderful addition to our applied teaching staff at Parkway West High School. Her approach to instruction, musicianship, and energy have led to measurable growth for all of my students that work with her. In addition, Gabe’s versatility allows her to work with students in a variety of settings, which includes masterclasses, sectionals, private lessons, and chamber ensembles. I highly recommend Gabe Mueller to anyone looking for a passionate, dependable low brass instructor.
— Brad Wallace, Band Director, Parkway West High School
Gabe Mueller has been working with the Spirit of Northwest High School Band Program for 2 years as a Brass Instructor and has been a part of our Visual Ensemble Instruction. She was able to walk in the first day and have an immediate impact on our students. It is quite a sight to see her interact with our band students on the field and in solo and ensemble lessons. Gabe has made a positive impact on our program.
— Brett Dunsford, Band Director, Northwest High School
Aside from being a great musician, Gabe is one of the kindest people I have known, both personally and professionally. I would recommend her to anyone looking for musical guidance and clear honest feedback, delivered in only the way Gabe can, with a SMILE!
— Phil Bleinberger